La Grand Plague Rose 2018

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La Grande Plage Rosé is a sublime medium blush in colour with a bouquet of sweet raspberry, juicy white peach and finishing notes of spice to round it all together.

At 12% Vol and using both Grenache Noir and Cinsault grapes gives this wine a wonderful light body with a good helping of acidity for that delicious crisp taste. Combined with a dry finish and low tannis makes this wine a wonderful picnic bottle, to share with your partner on a romantic summers evening.

Paired perfectly with light salads, cheese and meat based boards; Flavourful cured meat charcuterie, luscious stuffed olives and nutty pesto.

ABV 12%

Bottle Size 750ml

Country France

Product Grenache Noir and Cinsault

Region Languedoc

Vintage 2018